White and Neutral Colors with their Its Properties in House Renovation

A simple coat of paint can save us the cost of having to invest in a renovation since the presentation of our home will be greatly improved.  But what colors to choose to paint our house? What are the most favorable colors for sale?

As a main rule, we could say that neutral colors are the most appropriate. Colors that do not distract the mind of the buyer and that satisfy the tastes of most interested parties.

White To Paint Your Home

If we had to choose a color to paint the home of one of our clients, that would undoubtedly be white. The colors consist of more than one word; give a sense of greater complexity and sophistication. For this reason, a white-cream or a white-ivory could be some of the most successful, especially if what we intend to sell is a luxury property.

White Is Neutrality

Remember that the goal is to sell your home, so you should choose a neutral tone that is more likely to match the tastes of your buyers. The white color helps your visitors feel comfortable as soon as they enter your property. In addition, it helps them to imagine without difficulty, how their furniture would be, or how their life would be in it.

But neutrality should not only be reflected in the colors used, but also in the decoration and furniture of the house. Home Staging is based on this strategy as a cornerstone to attract and woo prospective buyers.

White Is Cool

The white color is related to purity, cleanliness, and freshness. If we choose to paint our house white, we will be betting on these three values.

White Is Luminosity

White is the color that most reflects light; for this reason, white-painted houses will always look brighter. In addition, clear spaces always favor the feeling of spaciousness, one of the factors with greater weight in the choice of a home.

White Is Saving

Enough are the costs of selling a home to continue adding things to our budget. White is usually the most economical paint option in DIY stores.

Other shades to paint your home

But we also don’t have to limit ourselves to whites to paint a house before selling it. Although white offers a lot of nuances, among which you will surely find one that suits the needs of your home, the color palette offers multiple possibilities.

Cold neutral colors

The cold colors are ideal for promoting the feeling of relaxation and resting in the rooms. Therefore, they are perfect for use in bedrooms and reading rooms. Some of the best cold neutral colors to paint your home could be laurel green, ash gray, or cloud blue.

Warm neutral colors

On the other hand, warm colors are recommended for the places in our house where the activity and conversation are centered, such as the living room or dining room. Warm neutral colors favor the feeling of ‘home.’ Some of our favorite colors to paint a house before selling it would be champagne, gatsby brown, or clay gray.

A very appropriate combination is to mix white with warm colors or cold colors depending on the room we are in.

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